Dear students, stop worrying about your school projects anymore. Even, dear parents, don't be panic-stricken about finishing up your kids’ school or class projects within a timeline. Moreover there is always the burden of studies and consecutive exams. So, here we are - GUIDEMYPROJECTS. Now students, making class projects is going to be fun. You all must be wondering that who are we to give you such an assurance. We will basically help and guide you to finish your projects within the given time. Projects could be from any discipline ranging from standard II to XII .

You just need to upload your project details or SMS us the same. Our USP-- The guided and finished projects could be delivered to your doorstep - if you wish, absolutely free of cost. So make your sad faces burst forth into a sweet smile students and parents, please feel cheerful. Come and join us immediately and spread the smile amongst others.

You seek guidance, we seek your smile.


School Project Guide

Kids nowadays are burdened with projects which they simply cannot execute alone. Even parents are often clueless about certain projects. Here we step in as your guide.


Engineering Project Guide

We also advice and guide the students of Engineering. We know, engineering projects are quite tough to deal with; but, please don’t worry. Dear students, get in touch with us.


Robotics for kids

It is probably the most interesting part of Engineering. But students get apprehensive about this. Engineering students are either bogged down with seminars or semesters and unable to finish up their projects land up in a mess. Dear ones, we hold your hands here.